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Spreading Awareness on the Importance of Patient Empowerment

While lung cancer is the most common cause of cancer-related death in Malaysia, there are various misconceptions that had been linked with the disease which needs to be de-stigmatized. For patients, it is vital to understand the importance of patient empowerment and to ask the right questions to get to the right details and correct course of treatment.

Coordinated a media briefing - #StartRightBeforeYouFight session with a leading Oncologist, Dr. Mastura Md Yusof., in conjunction with Lung Cancer Awareness Month in November as a part of an initiative to spread lung cancer awareness amongst Malaysians. The session was held in a patient-doctor perspective for a more personal and conversational approach. In addition to this, an interview was also conducted for the doctor which answers the basic questions one may have regarding lung cancer as well as the dissemination of a press release to announce the approval of VIZIMPRO as a first line treatment for NSCLC.

Garnered media coverage from top trade media as well as educational enquiries addressed during the media briefing.

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