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Philips : Helping Businesses Bring Sound and Sustainable Health Technology to the World

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Retainer and Project Work




Lead Agency, Consultant, Strategist, Implementation


Public Relations, Design, Social Media, Content Creation, Editorial, Event Management, Gifting, Custom Item Production

Helping Businesses Bring Sound and Sustainable Health Technology to the World. It may be B2B for many - to us it is in fact B2C2B, and we can reach businesses via consumers. Ask us how!

As we are living in unprecedented times due to the coronavirus, life has become about staying home — and staying well. Not just the people, globally, healthcare is also undergoing rapid digitalization. It was imperative to keep Philips relevant to businesses by establishing its endeavor to strive to improve people’s lives through intelligent solutions and meaningful innovation. Thus, making Philips relevant to businesses that would bring its technology to the consumers.

We explored targeted initiatives to let Malaysians know how Philips, a global leader, has become an integral part of their life and helping them daily during this time of isolation. Bylines and white papers were simplified and shared with media, while consumer stories showcased the innovation that Philips is investing for its consumers. With data big on the Philips agenda to help them build relationship with its customers that it hadn’t had before, the emphasize of data security was also a subject that was etched in all communications efforts. Alongside this we also populated local spokesperson LinkedIn with thought leadership content that garnered lot of industry traction.

The business impact was appreciated by Philips as partner queries increased and the strength of the unit is growing.

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