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Sunway Medical Centre : Reputation Building & Making A Difference In Healthcare

Project type

Retainer and Project Work




Lead Agency, Consultant, Strategist, Implementation, Special Projects, Government and Stakeholder Relations, Education


Public Relations, Design, Social Media, Content Creation, Editorial, Event Management, Gifting, Custom Item Production

Reputation Building towards Making A Difference In Healthcare that is responsible and equitable

A 24-month retainer focusing on driving awareness towards positioning the hospital as one of the leading healthcare centers in the Klang Valley. The challenge posed; change the public’s mindset that “ SunMed is not your neighborhood hospital” but offers a wide range of professional services with top notch physicians on board. 

Key areas of focus for public relations, branding and on ground focused on their highly advanced cancer care centre as well as launching the opening of their new Tower C and profiling of their top oncologists and surgeons as well as the culture and feel of the hospital.

- We started actively profiling the hospital using creative content.
- The common perception when it comes to medical articles and stories especially from the private sector is that it is meant to "scare" you rather than educate on the illness.
- We changed the tone and manner of our pitched stories by creating easy to ready and digest articles / listicles using infographics done on a monthly basis across the entire spectrum of media.
- Media Relationship Building - We arranged monthly media visits between the client and various media houses to further talk and present the offerings of the hospital.
- In addition, as an agency, we also made monthly visits to the press with prepared pitches based on what we planned for the month as well as in support of local health related days.
- Corporate profiling for Key spokespersons as well as the medical personnel . These were done through a series of broadcast and print interviews. We wanted to work on humanizing the hospital to differentiate them from their competitors
- Medical Seminars - We helped create and execute the organizing of quarterly medical seminars held by the hospital targeting local GPs within the Klang valley to showcase the expertise of SunMed (as often local GPs tend to refer their patients to cancer machines as well as their resident specialist.

CSR - Prior to this , the brand hardly highlighted their CSR initiatives. We started focusing on highlighting some of their initiatives in a tasteful manner and only when we felt there was a strong story worth sharing
Highlighting of Awards - We also took the approach of announcing all their wins in the medical industry using their owned spaces i.e. website , in hospital branding as well as their social platforms while also getting the news via earned media.
Developing advocates with media personnel - we cultivated a close group of media providing them with relevant updates and giving them first dips on breaking news. In addition, for those that needed medical services , it was offered at a slightly lower rate with recommendations.
Hosting of events and media tours - These were done in tandem when we had press events

We earned continued coverage across mediums - print, online, radio, broadcast and social

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